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Sweet Hour of Prayer

I made a very nice discovery today. I found Katherine Wright and downloaded some of her arrangements.

I don’t know her but would very much like to meet her. From her site I’ve learned that she is a pianist, teacher, and composer who lives in Albuquerque, NM. You can feel from the loveliness of her arrangements how much she loves what she does. I spent some time on her site, read her biography and looked at her arrangements. They are very very nice.

Gigi and I sat down and and went through her arrangement of Sweet Hour of Prayer. It is simply beautiful! The piece is the hymnal version of Sweet Hour of Prayer, very nicely arranged with a violin part.

Sweet Hour of Prayer opens with a piano and violin duet. Sopranos and Altos sing in harmony the first few lines and then are joined by the men. The piece is interspersed with the piano/violin duet accompanying the choir. In the middle of the piece is a section where the choir, violin and piano play together, no words, just a beautiful mixture of music and spirit.

Well done, Katherine. Thank you so much for this piece. I’m excited to have my choir try it.

You can get a link to Katherine’s site by clicking here or by looking under Additional Music Sources on this site. I hope she’s okay with my linking this site to hers.

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    Hi there, I just wanted you to know that I’ve updated my website. Among other things, I’ve posted an SSATB piece with organ accompaniment titled “Come Unto Jesus.”
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