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Coleman Miracle Team Members

To the Chairpersons: Would you please email us a summary of your discussions with your committees at the Sunday meeting? Please share all suggestions and plans. Also, would you please include a list of the people who were there on your committee, with their phone numbers and email addresses if you have them, along with any other people who may have joined your group since? We are trying to establish a good communication system with all of the volunteers and committees.

To all Team Members: We are so grateful for your willingness to share your time and talents and ideas! However, we don’t want any surprises and need to be kept in the loop with your plans and progress. We are asking you to email us an update letter twice a week regarding your committee decisions and progress. ALWAYS ask for donations of supplies, equipment, food, advertising, etc., before you consider purchasing anything. If you cannot get something donated, ask what kind of discount you can get. Then, clear any expenditures with us before you proceed. Any expenditures that are not cleared will be considered your donation to the cause. This is very important. We need to know exactly how our budget is holding out.

There is a protocol for securing sponsors. By sponsors, we mean businesses who will champion or support our cause and to whom we will offer public recognition for their sponsorship. We have a committee working on sponsors. Please do not promise sponsorships to anyone if you are not on this committee and are not aware of the protocol. If you have ideas for sponsors, or if you have someone who approaches you with the offer to be a sponsor, please contact us and we will double check with the sponsor committee to make sure there are no conflicts and let you know whether or not to proceed.

Sponsors are different from donors. Don’t hesitate to personally secure cash donations or goods and services for the auction from people or businesses. Donors to the auction will have their name announced before their item is auctioned, so they will have a form of publicity. But not all donors will be given sponsor status.

If you are confused about the difference, we will try to clarify it at the meeting next Sunday. We will have a meeting with all volunteers this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. at my house. Contact me for the address if you do not know. We are going to keep the meeting to 1 hour. We will have committee reports of this week’s progress, and then break out into committees for 30 minutes. We know this is a holiday weekend, so if you are a committee chairperson and will not be there, please contact a member of your committee who will be there and give them the assignment of reporting to the group.

We are working on an online auction donation form which can be filled out and passed on to us. It will include the business name, items donated with approximate retail value. This is how we hope to keep track of items and services donated for the auction. Until then, just email us each time you get an item for the auction.

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